23 Nov 2012

A Joyous Announcment

Sharing the joyous news of the Betrothal of Dinkum Tanglepike and Pindy Twinckletoes on the 23th day of Foreyule 1418 by Shire Reckoning at Shire Rose's Halls in Brightdown, Southfarting.

Congratulation to the happy couple!

During the period of Betrothal, which is as binding as the Marriage ceremony itself, Pindy and Dinkum  are officially and publicly promised to each other until death do  them part, as "husband" and "wife"

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21 Nov 2012

Meet Some Of The Hobbits

Meet some of the Shire Rose hobbits. 
Sketches of portraits are kept in the members register in Shire Rose's Halls.

18 Nov 2012

Twice Burrow Warming Party, Twice The Fun !

What a great night that was! Many hobbits from Oldfurlong and other villages came to celebrate a Twice Burrow Warming. There was food, there were speeches, there was music, there were dances, there were fireworks, but most of all, there were friends. The Shire Rose hobbits made themselves proud. Thank you kindly to all hobbits that came to our party. A special thank to Isenbert, Treaglo, Dinkum, and Tahitoa of Shire Rose, and the judges of the dance competition, Simbo, Lina , and Wiberic.

9 Nov 2012

A Twice Burrow Warming Party In Oldfurlong

 Citizens of the Four Farthings you are most cordially invited to a twice burrow warming party in the fair village of Oldfurlong. Miss Amorey Sweetrose-Took of 2 Wending Way and Master Isenbert Northtook of 1 Wending Way have recently moved into their new burrows and are keen to show them off and meet there new neighbors and make new friends. It promises to be a grand event with twice the burrows, twice the hosts, and most importantly twice the food, drink and fun! They'll be games, prizes, riddles and plenty of fireworks, music and dancing. In fact, we are planning a grand dance competition. 

This will be for dancing couples only so find your partner soon and get practicing. ((Same sex couples will be allowed.)) It will be judged by esteemed members of the Shire who will be looking for how in sync the partners are, how well the dance fits the song, and finally there will be a fashion judge. We'll be playing the songs for the competition at the Green Dragon ever Friday leading up to the party. For the party itself, please arrive on Saturday the 17th of November to 1 Wending Way, Oldfurlong at half-past seven ((UK time 2.30 server time)) for an eight o'clock start to the festivities! We look forward to seeing you all!

P.S. Cooks, Brewers, and Firework experts wanted. If interested please contact Master Northtook or Miss Sweetrose-Took.

Location: 1 Wending Way, Oldfurlong
Time: 7.30 PM UK Time for a 8.00 PM start. ((2.30 PM server time I believe))
Date: Saturday November 17

  By Isenbert Northtook