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Shire Rose is an active hobbit role-playing rank 10  kinship on the Laurelin Server. Our main aim is towards developing hobbit  roleplay  in  combination with a variety of events. We enjoy playing music and encourage our members to develop  and share not only music, songs, and poems, but also art and story - lines,  whilst  we  try to maintain our commitment to exploring and adventuring in Middle-earth. 


Friendly Family Feeling –  Family  is important to hobbits. We are a  small  sized kinship whose emphasis is on  real  friendship and family connections . As such we place great importance and emphasis  on the quality of our members to ensure a mature and friendly attitude at all times, loyalty and commitment. 

Active role-playing  Shire Rose is very active in promoting hobbit  role-playing among our members. We are happy to support and help  role-play beginners as well as more experienced role-players.


Role-playing - we expect our members to  get involved  and enjoy the wonderful world of Middle-earth as well as follow LOTRO's policies and codes of conduct, especially the Official Roleplaying Rules at all times. Kinship chat is IC.

Mature and Helpful Attitude – we maintain a mature and friendly attitude at all times. We are here to help and advice both IC or OOC if needed. 

Commitment and Participation – we encourage our members to be an active part of Shire life and  help each other in a variety of ways. Before been kinmates, we are friends that enjoy spending time together and love Middle-earth and the work of J.R.R. Tolkien.


If you would like to be considered for membership, if you are hobbit enough, please follow these simple steps:

1.Introduce yourself to us in game, come for a cup of tea and a muffins, let your inner-hobbit shine.

2.If you have more than one characters in the game, it is important that you should designate one of them as your "main". This is the hobbit that will primarily represent you in Shire Rose. Once you are a full member, you may also enroll alternate characters ("alts"). This restriction is for two reasons, one to save the officers a bit of work but mostly because it is a lot easier to learn to know you.

3. If you are still interested, please send a nice letter to one of our officers in game , tell us about yourself and about your expectations in Shire Rose.

4.It is not possible for guests to post their application directly on our forum – it must be emailed to us , we will ensure your application is posted on the forum once it is received.

5. Information provided will appear here on our public forum, so please do not send personal real life details with your application. Email addresses are never revealed and are kept completely confidential

Your application should follow the following format:

-In-Character Introduction
Tell us all about your hobbit and his or her dreams, hopes and background. Do yer like to cook ? Share a pie! Are you an aspiring musician or poet ? Sing us a song! Hobbits are lovely,so share your 'hobbitness' with us

-Your Role Play experience
Tell us about your RP experience - Shire Rose will welcome role-play beginners as well as more experienced role-players

-LOTRO experience

Are you a new hobbit ? Did you explore Middle-earth before ? Tell us all about it here.
-Why do you want to be a Shire Rose
We are interested to know why you would like to be a member of our family. Please share your thoughts and expectations.

-A little about yourself (ooc)

Tell us in few words about the person behind the hobbit to help us make the right decision.


Should you see any of us on your travels don't hesitate to say 'hullo' . Any member of Shire Rose may be able to help you if you have a general inquiry,so don't be shy.

Yule (founder and chief)
Amorey (Voluntary Assistant Chief)
Tahitoa (Voluntary Assistant Chief)

Hobbit Heart  ( Shire Rose's musical ensemble ) 

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